Frequently Asked Questions

How do I care for my new truck lettering or pinstriping?

For truck lettering we recommend not waxing the lettered area for 30 days. This will allow the paint to cure fully before being “sealed” by wax. Any sooner and there could be adhesion problems.

When washing we recommend no automated carwashes and avoid pressure washing as much as possible. For you “over the road” truckers, tell the “Blue Beacon” guy to back off the pressure. Same rules apply to pinstriping, however, wax can be applied after two weeks.


What kind of paint do you use when custom painting motorcycle parts or automotive artwork?

Typically we use automotive urethanes in a basecoat/clearcoat system. We create only high quality finishes utilizing the full line of DuPont Performance Coatings from stock refinish colors to the complete DuPont Hot Hues custom finishes line.


Would you rather I have my motorcycle parts painted first before I deliver them to you for artwork?

We can and often do work over an existing painted surface. We can work in conjunction with a Body Shop of your preference.


Do you use paint or vinyl for your signs and vehicle lettering?

This varies depending on the specifics of the job. Generally, we use a combination of both. For vinyl we use only premium grade high performance films.

For striping and lettering, we use Dupont Hot Hues Hot Pinstripe EFX, which is a urethane striping and lettering paint. It provides us with unsurpassed durability outdoors.

Both of these products in addition to our prep techniques and quality substrates allow us to stand behind our products with full confidence.


Do I need to tell you exactly what I want?

No. Typically, we get together either in person or by phone to discuss your needs, as well as your likes and dislikes. We then can create a custom design that is uniquely yours and fits the image for your business.


What forms of payment do you accept ?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Cash & Business Checks. We require a 50% deposit, and the balance is due on completion. Vehicles will not be released until paid in full.  * Sketch deposits are non-refundable.


What Equipment do you use?

For hand painted work (striping, lettering, etc.) I use assorted Mack lettering and striping brushes.

For air brush, it’s Iwata that gets the nod. From the basic Eclipse to the Kustom Micron. But my favorite workhorse is the HP-C Plus. We also use an assortment of Iwata Spray Guns.


Can I get a ball park price ?

All custom paint work is exactly that, custom. Every job has its own specifications which dictate the cost of the project. Verbal pricing is considered an estimate. Only written quotes from Design Brilliance will be honored.

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